Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small & Medium Businesses

10 Most Important WordPress Plugins for SEO

In the context of WordPress, a “plugin” is a little piece of code you can install to improve the functionality of your WordPress site. If you’ve shied away from WordPress plugins because you’re unsure of how to use WordPress plugins or because you’re not sure how they will affect your site, here are ten great plugins that will improve your site’s usability and make it more search engine-friendly. [Continue reading]

Are Product Images Killing Your Sales? [4 Golden Tips for Improving Product Images on eCommerce Websites]

product images on ecommerce websites

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to small, grainy, and otherwise low resolution images on ecommerce websites, a picture is worth about two words: “Forget this.” A 2007 survey by E-Tailing Group revealed … [Continue reading]

LinkedIn Marketing – 6 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Yourself and Your Business

linkedin marketing

Learn How to Become a LinkedIn Pro LinkedIn's 100 million users may not be as attractive as Facebook's 500 million users in the eyes of most business owners, but at the present time, LinkedIn is adding approximately one new member per second. That's … [Continue reading]

Facebook Marketing – How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

facebook marketing

Did you know that Facebook is the second most visited site in the world? Since February 2010, when Facebook beat out Yahoo!, it has been visited more than any other site in the world except for Google. In the United States last spring, Facebook … [Continue reading]

Learn How to Write a Great Press Release

image of a press release news headline

5 Rules to Become a Pro at Writing Press Releases Q: What do a pack of angry hornets, a streaker, and a good press release have in common? A: They all get your attention right away. Getting the reader's attention right away is always important … [Continue reading]